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Features of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) such as remarkable energy-efficiency, lightweight, ability to provide protection from contaminants and humidity, possibility to be converted into different shapes and forms, are only some of the reasons why PET has become one of the crucial, most-spread and recycled thermoplastic materials worldwide.


In the A.K.O. International’s technology, preserving the value of this material is obtained in the production of high-quality hot washed PET flakes, made from post-consumed and recycled PET bottles.

Since the purity of PET flakes is essential in the recycling industry, proven cleansing efficiency systems, and different methods of quality control are constantly included in our production process.

Thanks to our multi-stage process and appropriate treatment solutions: selection, grinding, cold and hot washing, flotation and centrifugation, we are making possible attaining the excellent quality of our hot washed PET flakes, which can be used as the main resource in various manufacturing fields.

Additionally, we provide an automatized supervising mechanism, in order to verify quality standards, respect time-management principles, and provide the maximum of the final product to our clients.

In accordance with the requirements and needs of our valued customers, we can offer different ranges and quality of flakes: Trasparent (97-98%), Trasparent (80%) , Blue, Green, Brown but other potential requests are highly welcomed, as well.


Our Transparent PET Flakes are composed by 97-98% Transparent and 2-3% Light blue Flakes