About Us

A.K.O. International d.o.o. is a recycling company founded in 2018 and based in Serbia
(Village of Belušić, Municipality of Rekovac).
The key activity of the company is recycling waste PET bottles and producing high-quality PET
flakes, which are used as a main componet in various types of industries (such as textile, automotive,
chemical, furniture, construction and many others).


Ecological Responsibility
The development of recycling methodologies and ecological awareness implies clear and correct
understanding of the Waste Management System’s rules and principles.
This is the reason why in each segment of A.K.O. International’s production process environmental-
protection ideology is deeply valued and represented:
– Hot and cold washing methods and correct drying (centrifugation) of PET flakes, returns purity and
previous values of its structure, by making PET flakes, not only suitable, but the key-recourse in
different manufacturing fields
– The efficient use of power and natural recourses is reflected in implementation of The Waste Water
Treatmant solutions in our technology.
Accordingly, by investing in this, and the other systems, A.K.O. International succeded that the Waste
Management pillars (Reduse, Reuse, Recycle) are fullfild and fundamental in the operational process.


Our mission
By implementing high technology performances A.K.O. International is headed to become one of the
leading recycling companies in region, whose priorities are achieving high standards of its products,
in accordance with our appreciated clients requirements.
Focusing on exporting our products to the clients abroad (Turkey, Italy, Germany, Spain…), we are
striving to evolve global recycling chain, by nurturing valuable customers relationship, in which
ecological conscience in the production process becomes a thing of the international matter.